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Lawn Maintenance

Exclusive "Nature Green"

G uaranteed Turf Care fertilizers are custom blended for each season to replenish nutrients and deliver thicker, greener lawn. The granular fertilizer blends change with the season for improved weed control. Crabgrass and a wide variety of broadleaf weeds are also treated regularly throughout the growing season to keep new arrivals out. Free service calls are available between scheduled visits to keep your lawn healthy and weed free.
Lawn Maintenance


Choose from our exclusive Nature Green program, Economy Plan, or Awards Program.
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Lawn Maintenance


Relax on the weekends and treat yourself to weekly professional mowings with our "Weekender" mowing program.

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Lawn Maintenance


Improve your turf’s density with GTC’s Density Booster Program. GTC offers a variety of soil amendments and seeding services to thicken your lawn.
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