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Lawn Care Services | Excelsior MN

If you're in the Excelsior, MN area you probably have seen the results of our lawn care services. We pride ourselves in quality turf applications as well as strong communication with our customers.

Weed Control

We offer Weed Control services in Excelsior, MN to prevent and remove unwanted weeds in your lawn. Every lawn is different so customize your needs into a plan best fitting. Our technicians are licensed and well trained to approach your lawn with the best plan of attack. We use the best products in the market to insure the best results. Sometimes weather can be a factor so if this is the case we offer free applications to make sure the weeds are under control.


We offer fertilizer applications for those in Excelsior, MN. We use high quality synthetic granular blends that offer lawns the best nutrients and bring out the best shades of green. Giving your lawn the food source it needs helps thicken the lawn which leads to less weeds. The timing of each fertilizer application is also quite important to maximize effectiveness. We recommend pairing this with our over seeding to help with turf density and generate more growth in areas that may have thinned due to weeds or disease.

Weekly Mowing Service

We offer a Weekly Mowing Service for those in Excelsior, MN. Our mowing service includes weekly mowing and trimming of your lawn, and blowing off grass clippings from walkways, patios and driveways on a scheduled day determined by Guaranteed Turf Care. Our technicians our trained by our management that each have 10 years of experience. Weather and lawn conditions determine how and why we cut a certain week, so having the knowledgeable staff works in your favor to provide the best service possible.
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